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It is made from a haori adorned with chrysanthemum flowers.

In the Heian period, September was referred to as "Kiku-zuki" (Chrysanthemum Month), and the Chrysanthemum Festival on the ninth day of September was celebrated as "Chrysanthemum Festival," a custom to pray for longevity, as recorded in classical literature.

Since that time, chrysanthemum patterns have been used in kimono designs as symbols of longevity and to ward off evil spirits.

This parasol also carries wishes for longevity.


【Made in Japan】
●fabric:100% silk

●length of the parent bone:approx. 48 cm 
●total length:approx. 77 cm 
●diameter:approx. 80 cm 


Kimono Nobuko recommends SDGs.
A storage bag made from the remaining fabric of the parasol will be included.

Please note: -----------------------------
●The color may look slightly different on your monitor from the actual product.
●Please note that there may be stains or dirt on the fabric due to the remake of the product.
●This parasol does not have waterproof treatment, so please refrain from using it during rainy weather. 
●This parasol does not have UV protection, so please be aware.
●Due to the nature of kimono fabric, getting wet may cause color fading or shrinkage, so please be careful.
Please understand.

Kimono-Parasol Chrysanthemum flower

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